The Sheehy Crest (shamelessly taken from

In High Valley, at Grandma Sheehy’s house, above her armchair, carefully hung in a small frame, was written her and her husband’s wedding date with the crests of the Sheehy and Storie families to either side. On the left was the Sheehy crest, where a cacophony of imagery danced across deep blue and vivid white quarters, on the right stood the Storie crest, a humble yet sturdy tower in a soft yellow. Growing up, that little frame conjured in me the sight of valiant knights bravely defending their kin against invaders, but it was only until recently did I sit…

The Git Logo
The Git Logo from Wikimedia

What? Why? How?

What: Git is an open-source, widely used Version Control System (VCS). Much like any VCS, Git has its two primary uses which are (a) to allow teams to work on the same codebase at the same time and (b) to save in permanent memory the codebase at different points in its development. Check out this link for more info on what Git is exactly.

Why: But why learn Git in particular? There are other options of VCS that you could use: like Mercurial or Sub-Version, but Git is by far the most popular. Some claim Mercurial is more accessible and…

Sam Sheehy

An early professional excited about lots of different things, I tend to focus on programming and computational science.

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